Pressing the keys V, B, N and M.

Finally, in this lesson you will learn all the keys that you could press using index fingers.

As you will probably deduced, the new keys are V, B, N and M which are placed just below the home row.

Pressing the keys is very simple:

  • for pressing the keys V and B you should use the index finger of your left hand
  • for pressing the keys N and M you should use the index finger of your right hand

Following there is a graphical example:

Els dits índex deuen pulsar V,B,N,M

As in the previous lesson, you will find some trouble for pressing B key, because the movement of your left index is larger. Anyway, we give you the same advice: don't worry so much, it's a question of time for the movement to be automatic.

Remember: After pressing each key, you should return the fingers to the home row.
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