Some advices

Following there is some advices and general guidelines:

  • Relax before each exercise: Try to be relaxed before starting each exercise and try to do your best, that means you should not try to do it the faster you can, but slowly and trying not to make mistakes, pressing the correct key using the proper finger.

  • Sit down correctly: Maybe now you won't believe it, but sitting correctly is a good practice for your healthy and your back. Not to maintain a good posture could cause to you some problems in the future, like back pain, so try to have a good posture when you are sitting down. This practice is not only limited for typing. In general, if you are going to be sited several hours on a computer, studying, or working, you should take in account that a bad posture will affect negatively your back and your health in the future.

  • Take breaks: Each session should have a duration of 15 minutes to 1 hour per day. Anyway, if you want to practice more than one hour per day, it is recommended that you take breaks of five to ten minutes per hour.

  • Don't make mistakes! This is just a remembering, but if you already not understood why, listen this. Imagine you make a mistake and instead of pressing the correct key, you press another one; at the end you have pressed three keys! Let's see an example, imagine you want to press the key e, but you press the key r because a mistake. You realize it, and then you press delete key, in order to correct your mistake, so after that, you think it carefuly and you press the e key, so, instead of pressing one key you have pressed three! Count them (r,delete,e = three keys). And, apart from mistaking when pressing the key, you have been disconcerted of what you where doing and you will loose some time until you get the rhythm again (you will specially notice this when you start typing quickly and you make a mistake).

Back to the main theme, as the objective of Artypist is to teach you how to type as fast as you think, our recommendation is that you should have no hurry to gain speed on typing. It sounds as a contradiction, isn't it? But believe us, it is a lot more important at the beginning to type without looking at the keyboard and without making mistakes than trying to type quickly.

Just when positioning the fingers on the keyboard be natural to you, and you could type without looking at the keyboard, even the virtual one, then you could start incrementing your typing speed (but always without incrementing your mistakes and practicing so much).

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