Pressing the keys G and H

In this lesson you will discover two new keys: G and H.

As you have noticed, these two keys are placed between your index fingers, once your hands are in the basic position.

Pressing each of these keys is very simple:

  • for pressing G key, you should use the index finger of your left hand
  • for pressing H key, you should use the index finger of your right hand

Following there is a graphical example:

Index fingers press the keys G and H

For pressing these new keys you will have to displace index finger, press the key, and then, return the finger to the original position. To see an example, after pressing G key you should move back the finger to rest on the F key, and, after pressing H key your finger should rest back on J key.

As you can see, the concept is simple, so as long as you practice, the movement will become more and more natural. Now it's time to start practicing it

Remember: for this typing lesson, as for every other lesson on this typing tutor, you should maintain the basic hand positioning after pressing each key, and moving only the right finger for the right key, keeping the others on that basic position.
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