How is the score being computed?


The accuracy and speed are the only two factors that are used to compute the score.

The score is computed following the next set of rules:

  • Speed scores as much as you have achieved at the end of the exercise. If you have achieved 127 cpm, then 127 points will be added.
  • Accuracy is the most important, it is multiplied by 5. You can get 500 points for it if you complete the exercise without typing errors. For example, if you achieve 98% of accuracy, then (5 * 98) = 490 points will be added.
  • In addition there is a bonus that could be as much as 250 points. This bonus is achieved by completing the exercise without any mistake and without having pressed the delete key. Below it's explained how this works.
  • There is also a negative score, which consists in subtracting 50 points for each mistake (Only the two mistakes are allowed). For example, if you make one or two typing errors nothing happens, no point will be subtracted, but with the third error 50 points will be subtracted, 4 errors, 100 points, 5 errors 150, and so on. The general formula is to subtract 50 * (NumberOfErrors - 2).

The bonus won't subtract points in any case, and it’s calculated based on the number of errors and the number of times you press the delete key (the fewer the better). The way to calculate it is the following:

  • +250 points if there are no mistakes and delete key has not been pressed
  • +150 points if there is only one typing error and delete key has not been pressed
  • +50 points if there are two mistakes and delete key has not been pressed
  • +50 points if there are no mistakes but delete key has been pressed once
  • 0 points in other cases

Practical Examples

Example 1: imagine that the exercise is finished with a speed of 68 cpm, and a 100% of accuracy:

Score = 68 + 5*100 = 568 + 250 bonus = 818 points

Example 2: someone who writes 92 cpm and has made one error, having 99% accuracy, would get 737 points:

Score = 92 + 5*99 = 587 + 150 bonus = 737 points

Example 3:imagine you finish with 235 cpm but at the cost of a 95% accuracy for having made 3 errors, then you will get:

Score = 235 + 5*95 = 610 - 50 points = 660 points

Example 4: now the case of a someone who writes really fast. He finishes at 598 cpm but at the cost of a 78% accuracy for having made 13 errors, the score will be:

Score = 598 + 5*78 = 988 - 550 points = 438 points

Example 5: now an extreme case, imagine you end up with 398 cpm and a 68% accuracy due to 19 errors:

Score = 402 + 5*68 = 742 - 850 points = -112 = 0 points


As you can conclude from the examples above, this system rewards accuracy the most.

The rule of thumb is: learn to press the keys properly and start improving your speed when you feel confident with your accuracy.

Good luck!