Pressing the keys R, T, Y and U.

Now that you have practiced pressing the keys G and H we will introduce four new keys: R, T, Y and U.

As you have deduced, these new keys should be pressed also using index fingers.

Pressing the keys is very simple:

  • for pressing the keys R and T you should use the index finger of your left hand
  • for pressing the keys Y and U you should use the index finger of your right hand

Following there is a graphical example:

Index fingers should press R,T,Y,U keys

As it was explained on the previous lesson, for pressing the new keys you will have to move the proper index finger, and after releasing the key, your finger should return to the original baseline position.

At the beginning you probably will notice that pressing T and Y is more difficult than pressing R and U. Anyway, at the end, it's only question of how much you practice.

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