Pressing the keys Z and the slash '/'.

This is the last lesson that introduces a new character of the alphabet. It could not happen in other way, the latest character you are going to learn and practice is the 'Z' key, which as you know, it's the latest character of the alphabet.

On the other hand, as you know all exercises have been symmetric, which means that you will also learn the slash key ('/').

Estas dos teclas deben pulsarse de la siguiente manera:

  • for pressing the P key you must use the little finger of the left hand
  • for pressing the slash '/' key you must use the little finger of the right hand

Ejemplo gráfico de la colocación de las manos:

Little fingers of left and right hands press Z and slash

At the end of this typing lesson you will know how to press and have practiced with every character of the alphabet!!

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