The art of typing

Become a good typist is just a matter of time, training and practice. It does not require any special skill.

Acquire a good typing speed it's not so hard, you just have to follow and remember the three basic advices shown below:

  • Don't make mistakes: If you want to type as fast as your ever dreamed, don't make mistakes when typing!. For each mistake you make, you'll have to delete the wrong keys and write them back again! Sure don't want to spend that time! Do not worry at the beginning if you are really slow, always remember and follow this principle and the typing speed will come!!

  • Don't look at the keyboard: Again, time you spend looking the keyboard is time you loose in typing keys. It's ok to look at the keyboard on the first couple of lessons, but you have to force yourself to stop looking at the keyboard. The virtual keyboard has been created to help you in this matter. You should believe us, knowing where each key is without looking at the keyboard is what you need to boost your typing speed.

  • Practice! Practicing with the other principles in mind it's the only key point to learn to type properly. Only practicing your typing skills will improve. From here we recommend you to practice three or four times a week, in sessions from 15 minutes to 1 hour. That will be enough for learning and improve your skills.

That's it! That's all you need to know before starting. Simple, isn't it?

Don't make mistakes! Don't look at the keyboard! Practice 4 times a week!

Remember and apply the keys I've mentioned and you'll became a typing master, it is just a matter of time ;)

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