This typing course has been designed in order to teach you how to type as fast as you think, without making mistakes and without looking your keyboard.

Following there is a list of the features you could find in this typing course:

  • ¡¡Registration is free!!
    • Sure! You don't have to pay anything! It is completely free of charge!!
    • Registering you will see your complete evolution by the statistics
    • Registering you will access to specialized exercises created for you, to let you correct your most common mistakes and then improve your typing speed
  • Access without registering:Although registering it's free, you don't need to register in order to access the typing course. But doing this your sessions will not be saved and then the statistics will not work.
  • ¡We support several languages and keyboard layouts!
  • Statistics: You could see your complete evolution by seeing the statistics
  • Virtual keyboard: While you are in the learning phase, a virtual keyboard will be available to you, so you will learn the position of each key without looking your keyboard.
  • ¡This typing course is online!
    This means...
    • ¡You could practice everywhere! (from home, from school, from university, from work, ...)
    • ¡You don't need to install any software!
    • ¡Use your favourite operating system! (Windows, Linux, Mac, ...)
    • ¡Use your favourite web browser! (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, ...)

Finally just to say that all the lessons have been designed to help you becoming a typing master.